February 2013

Zedd is in Town

It was actually just a normal Thursday night – well almost … My Producing Partner and Head of CEO Efe-music (his name is Efe ;-) ) had planned to go out and celebrate with the main actors from the video shoot this night.

We all met and started in the evening. The evening was “wilder” than expected. ;-)

Suddenly my phone rang. At the other end of the line my buddy Jan was telling me that he is straight with “Zedd” in Frankfurt on the way. So we used our contacts to organize a cool Location, and got some party peepz together. I jumped into my car, still got my laptop taken and then we went off to the “second party” for this evening.

Spontaneously set up the laptop and played a two hour Peak Time Set. Unexpected is sometimes the best…

We had a blast from A – Zedd … ;-)

peace out



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How I Feel Videoshoot Day 2 & 3


after we finished our performance scenes on the rooftop, the first Party Peepz arrived at the set
When it finally got dark we started to shoot the party scenes at the club - I think in all the years as a DJ I’ve never heard the same song in a club as often as this time. Round about 27 times ;-)

Paul and I and our mini-me‘s (Luc & Leonard) have been definitely full throttle. After more than one hour of a powerful high energy performance my good lookin black shirt was definitely completely wet :-/

After 14 hours @ Adlib, we’re done

So only thing missing is the house party scene.

Our homies Georgie and Isa have kindly made the rooms of her penthouse apartment available (many thanks to both of you)

In the afternoon we had then all gathered. Even this is a huge Apartment, the whole place was packed with furious party girls, the camera crew, a bunch of professional poker players, and my entire team.

When the camera starts to roll we immediately ran into the party mode. I’ve been to some house parties, but this has definitely exceeded all
We definitely recognize that when the police arrived at the door

But that’s enough for the moment…

You will see the result soon ;-)

Thanks to Luc, Leonard, Jasmine, Pia, Karim, Efe, Georgie, Isa, Jan & Mirasch

peace out…



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