April 2013

Day Off – Power Biking

If you’ve spent a couple of days at a time in the studio and has virtually no natural light seen you have to fill up the Sunlight level again.

And because I have to get in shape for the upcoming summer I took out my bike today, picked up my father and started a ride out into nature.

A ride in the direction of nowhere somewhere in the nartur is just great.
You get a clear head, no loud music around and creativity bubbles up again

In this sense - back 2 the studio ;-)

peace out

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another nightshift in the studio…

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Yesterday we recorded the demo for the second single. Today we locked up in Studio the whole day and listen to the vocals that Butch Williams recorded with us.

So a whole day in the studio - and listen to the same song 14 hours can be really exhausting ;-)

But as you can see I can still smile. Not least because of the great staff of Butch and my Producer Efe

So much can be revealed - The song is called “This Is not Love” Your stereo will vibrate ;-)

Good night out there …

peace out




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