May 2013

How I Feel – RELEASE DAY -


Today is the day. Single Release of How I Feel. We’ve been working for this day for the last 7 months.

hope you like it… ;-)

I’m excited and full of anticipation …

Video is online, Amazon and Itunes are ready - so lets gooooooo

peace out…


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gettin’ ready for the release…

today again busy in the studio

on Friday it has finally come - HOW I FEEL - Release Day I‘m so nervous and excited.

We (Efe and me) sit in front of our mac’s and checking the 2 do list so that nothing is left to chance

I’ll keep you posted

peace out ..



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Trailer & Cover Artwork

finally i got the artwork for “How I Feel” and the trailer…

hope you like it… check it out… ;-))))

peace out…


BTW: special Thx 2 Geniy the head behind the great artwork… ;-)

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Rockster´s track of the week 21 (2013)

As a DJ, I listen to hundreds of new songs every week. If you don’t wanna waste your time to search the hottest song right now, just check my blog. Every Sunday I present to you the track of the week!

Here we go …

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The Studio – the most exciting place on earth

For those of you who think in a studio always good music playing, there’s a lot of alcohol and pretty women around you’re wrong

I’m lying in the corner for 4 hours and type my fingers to the bone to post lots of emails

all the glitter ain’t gold ;-)

peace out



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