August 2013

Working on Project “R” Vol. 03


I’m currently working on Project “R” Vol. 03. I locked up in the Studio and checked the hottest new trax for you.

I’m almost finished, so keep your eyes and ears open… ;-)

I’ll keep you posted.

peace out…

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This Ain’t Love Remix Contest

What up What up…

I’m almost ready to release my second single “This Ain’t Love” feat. Butch Williams. You can be part of it and drop your own RMX on the official release.
In collaboration with Roland & Delamar we’re searching the hottest upcoming producers & remixers.

So check the link below and show me what you got…

Curious about you guys…!

peace out…


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“How I Feel” Support

What up folks

the last weeks I was very busy releasing my first single “How I Feel”. Try to get some attention from the media, the radio and be heard by you out there. ;-)

Finally I’m almost through with this campaign, and I’m very impressed by all the support I got. Just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great feedback and continuing support.
Really appreciate it…

I hope you’re ready for the next one…

I’ll keep you posted…

peace out..

…thx 2 all the radio stations, music tv programms, blogs and youtube channels 4 the support… love u guys…

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-08 um 13.57.42

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Track Of The Week (33-2013)

As a DJ, I listen to hundreds of new songs every week. If you don’t wanna waste your time to search the hottest song right now, just check my blog. Every Sunday I present to you the track of the week!

Here we go…

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