August 2014

Feelin Free – Release Day

Whatz crackin’ Peepz… ;-)

a few weeks ago I was in the studio with my homie DJ Cuebrick. He is a specialist when it comes to progressive EDM sound. I showed him a topline which I recorded with the washington based U.S. singer/songwriter Nelson Ortiz.
Cuebrick was infected immediately by the melody. So we decided to work together on this one. The result is a massive Poptro/EDM banger with a touch of soul by Nelson’s voice…

Fortunately we got signed with the track a Vous Records…!!! Yaaayyy – Enough said, check it out & get your copy now on Beatport, iTunes or Amazon!

peace out…


10557360_801298443234402_5493651764331518192_n 1907782_801298536567726_3327703750028114962_n

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Photoshoot with Stefano Granata


today I had the chance to work with an extra talented young man called Stefano. He is a photographer from Frankfurt.
I need some puristic, classic black & white pics for the relaunch of my website

It was fucking hot today… :-/ Even if we shooted indoor the whole time it was a damn hard job!!! but still     funny & a great experience! I’m curious about the result…

thx to stefano, sabina & the whole momenti studio crew for this great day!


peace out…

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