LIES – Out Now!!!

what up out there…

after a long creative break and a lot of studio sessions between frankfurt & los angeles, I finally released my new single “Lies” ft. Tiffany Kirkland yesterday.

The profit/revenue of the song “Lies” will be donated to Amnesty International & Four Paws – so make sure you get your cope now on Itunes, Beatport or Amazon.

The song comes along with an online video that we (my producer Efe & me) created by ourselves. The topic is “Lies” – we put all the big liars & lies in the world’s history together in this video.
Press play and prove to yourself that we live in a world full of lies. Share this video with your friends and those who could be interested in it. And yes – maybe – those lies will influence and affect you somehow.

On top of that I’ve put together a new selection of the hottest club joints for you… Project “R” Vol. 09 is my latest DJ mix & including the first official “Lies” RMX. More than 60 minutes fresh new music in the mix – turn up your speakers & start the party!!!! ;-)


peace out…